Aydin’s 500 word story

This is Aydin’s 500 word rhyming piece of work. Well done Aydin and enjoy reading it boys.


Rhyming in a Time Machine


My name Is Milo, I ain’t no psycho,

I’m a little, little schoolboy maestro,

I go to my school, everyday layin’

Rhymes so tight, you know what I’m sayin’…….


Where am I? There are cars flying around…..so cool! Mercs, BMWs and….hang on, there’s a walking car, which is just transforming into a flying car and taking off! This is the future – it has to be. I’d heard of this place – planet 007, but I didn’t think it was real…..


Flying cars, robots like me,

They look so lifelike, you’ve got to see

Back to the Future like Marty McFly

Hoverboards and a time machine soaring up in the sky


“Come on Ayd” shouts Mr Ken Walker, the mad scientist, “Into the time machine! Where shall we go?”


Here I go again, I’m about to flow

Take me to the moon, cos’ I’ve got to know

Armstrong, Buzz and the Apollo crew

Were they really there, or was it just yahoo?


He’s really here. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. I heard him say it! How amazing. The white astronaut suits are cool and the zero gravity. I can fly!


“Where to next?!” asks Mr Ken Walker excitedly. “How about the World Cup in 1966? England won!”


What an atmosphere. Almost 100,000 people cheering on the lads. Come on Engerland!


They think it’s all over, it really is now

We’ve won the World Cup, boys take a bow,

Banks, Moore, Charlton and don’t forget Hurst,

A hat trick in the final, the net almost burst!


What a trip to some of the best moments in the worlds of sport, science and also the future. I can’t wait to see where we go next. Into the time machine we go.


We’re in a flying car now but I want to see the first car made. It’s the Model T from Ford. Let’s go back to 1908!


Rolling down the street in my Ford Model T

Going so slow for the world to see

I look so cool but I’ll soon be gone

Back to the future and my Bugatti Veyron!


“We need some fuel!” cries Ken. “Get some banana skins for the flux capacitor!” This guy is nuts but he knows how this stuff works so I went and found what he wanted from a fruit seller across the road from the Ford factory. To my surprise it worked and we’re ready to go but where to? It’s the last leg of the trip so I need to make it amazing.


We’ve landed in 2012 and it’s coming back to me now

The Olympics in London – what can I say but wow?!

Bolt, Farah and Andy Murray too

Crowds going wild as they do what they do.


There is some news that made that year

A little young boy who brought a load of cheer

Family and friends all gathered around

Pleased to meet you guys, Milo’s in town!


Was this a dream?





Egg Hunt!


Last Friday the boys had great fun taking part in the Easter egg hunt organised and run beautifully by the PTA. We met Peter Rabbit and the boys were rewarded for finding all the clues with a yummy egg!

              How many eggs will last until Easter?


Greek Easter

The boys in Year 2 were incredibly lucky yesterday afternoon as Mrs Koliardos and Mrs Georgiou came in to talk to them about how the Greek people celebrate Easter. It was informative, interactive and hands on. Please enjoy some photos from yesterday.




Maths Challenges – Coins

1. Take five coins: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p.

Put them in a row using these clues.
The total of the first three coins is 27p.
The total of the last three coins is 31p.
The last coin is double the value of the first coin.


2. Take six coins: two 1p, two 2p and two 5p.

Put them in a row using these clues.
Between the two 1p coins there is one coin.
Between the two 2p coins there are two coins.
Between the two 5p coins there are three coins.
What if you take two 10p coins as well, and
between them are four coins?


1. If you could change one rule that your family has, what would you change?

2. What is something that makes your family special?

3. Of all the things you are learning, what do you think will be the most useful when you are an adult?


Litter picking

This lovely boy has shared his photos from a community litter pick at the weekend. We have been told that he was such a good boy, the only child there and worked very hard, didn’t get bored, and was telling people all about why litter was so bad!