Invertebrate Hunt

Our Science lesson was spent outside, in the glorious sunshine, hunting for invertebrates. We visited a woodland area behind our AstroTurf pitch and we were amazed at the wildlife hidden beneath the trees.

Times tables badges

Dear boys,

We have a new Maths Challenge for you.  During the last week of term Mr Pontin, Head of Maths, will be testing boys who confidently know their times tables up to, and including, 12×12.  He will ask the boys a mixture of questions to test their confidence and knowledge.  All boys who can successfully answer all the questions will receive a special times tables badge.

Good luck!

Maths < > =

This week we have learnt how to use the greater than and less than symbols.

When one number is bigger than the other number; we use the greater than sign >

7,680 > 7,068

When one number is smaller than the other number; we use the less than sign <

£3.78 < £8.34

When one number is equal to the other number; we use the equal to sign =

41 = 41

We spoke about how the signs < > look like the mouths of crocodiles  🐊

Greedy crocodiles will always want to eat the larger number.

Please comment with the answers to these questions?

1.   78    56

2.   12    9

3.   89   98

4.   100p  £1

5.   620ml  630ml

6.  2km 2000m




Fraction Word problems

The class want to play football. There are 20 players and 5 players on each team. How many teams will there be?

In a box of 26 apples, half were green and the rest were red. How many apples were red?

It took John 6 minutes to walk ¼ of the way to school, how long would the whole journey take?

A shop was selling stickers. They had 16 altogether. They sold a quarter of them. How many did they sell?