Radio 2 BBC 500 Word live lesson

Opening in January 2019 for its 9th year, 500 Words is one of the most successful story-writing competitions for children in the world and is open to every 5 – 13 year old in the UK. Today, Year 2 watched the Radio 2 BBC 500 Word live lesson. Please click on the link below to access this,

The lesson introduced the 500 Words competition to the boys and they started to plan ideas for a story. We have sent the planning sheet home today. Please do encourage your son to write their story at home and submit their entry online. There are some great prizes and the story may even be published!

Please use the link below to find out more and to submit the story online. If you decide to take part please do email a copy to us so we may share it on our class blogs. There will be no Story Spelling Challenge homework this week to allow the boys time to write their 500 word story. The story should be as creative and imaginative as possible.

Below is the link for the BBC Radio 2 website,

The closing date for competition entries is 8th March 2019 (7pm).

Independent work – A story written by Alexis

By Alexis

One day a new tree was planted. A year later Treeqwee said “Mummy, where
Dada?”. His mummy said “Daddy is over there, at the opposite side of us”.
Few days later daddy tree crossed the road to mummy tree and baby tree.
Then Treeqwee asked “Mummy, can trees walk?” Mummy said “Yes, only at

One night they jumped up on their roots. They left the country side and went
to London. When they passed Big Ben they saw it being built. Big Ben was
covered in scaffolding. Baby Treeqwee asked his mummy “Mummy, can
trees swim?” Mummy tree said “Yes, only at night”. So they went to the
British seaside and paddled off. They swam really far all the way to South

It was sunrise and they had to swim quickly back home or they would turn
back to normal trees. When they got back to London Big Ben was built and
finished. Then they went back to the countryside. Treeqwee said “That was

Shape Riddles

Shape Riddle 1

* I am a flat shape.

* I have four sides and four right angles.

* My sides are the same length.

What am I?  


Shape Riddle 2

* I am a flat shape.

* I have five sides.

* I have five angles.

What am I?


Shape Riddle 3

* I am a solid shape.

* I have no flat faces.

* I have no edges.

What am I?


Shape Riddle 4

* I am a flat shape.

* I have eight sides and eight angles.

* All my sides are the same length.

What am I?  


Shape Riddle 5

* I am a flat shape.

* I have three sides and three angles.

* Two of my sides are the same length.

What am I?  


Shape Riddle 6

* I am a flat shape.

* I have two sides.

* One of my sides is a straight line.

What am I?  


Shape Riddle 7

* I am a solid shape.

* I have two faces.

* My faces are different shapes.

What am I?  


Shape Riddle 8

* I am a flat shape.

* I have seven sides and seven angles.

* My sides are different lengths.

What am I?  


Please comment with the solutions to these riddles and write three shape riddles of your own. Thank you.

Bunsen Burners

We visited the Science lab to test what happens when different materials are heated. We made predictions and observed the changes. Can you remember the different items we put in the glass beakers?

Can you remember what happened to them when they were heated? Can you use the words ‘melt’, ‘boil’ and ‘burn’ to describe what happened? Can you remember the names of any of the equipment we used?


Farmer Rob!

Yesterday, Year 2 had an interesting Facetime conversation with a farmer called Rob. This is a scheme run by LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) to help children understand the importance of farming in the UK. This also fits in with out topic about ‘The World’ where we discuss different environmental issues as well as ‘food miles’.

The boys got to ask Rob different questions about his job and the farm he works on. We will have several more conversations with Rob over the course of the year as he will be able to talk about seasonal changes in the farm, milk production and how he uses renewable energy.

Please do have a look at the website for his farm