Ways to communicate

It has been another busy week in 2OA.

We have been rehearsing for the Christmas show. Please keep working on the song words at home.

We have been studying Morse code in our History lesson. The boys have really enjoyed deciphering and writing messages in code.

The photo below is the morse code alphabet. Maybe your son can write a message and you decode it?

In Geography we have been working on being ‘map makers.’ We have been thinking about all of the buildings that make up Lochinver House School. There were more than you think. See if you can name them all!

In Art we have made our own stained glass windows. This links in with our topic of communication as a long time ago people who went to church couldn’t always read and write so the pictures in the windows told stories about the Bible.

Our stained glass inspired artwork is below.

In Science we were looking at circuits. What do they need to be complete?

We wrote our stories about a ‘Magic Carpet’ ride. We had to think about a begging, middle and end for our stories.

Our maths work has been focusing on addition of three numbers!

Have a relaxing weekend boys 🙂


The Big Mosaic

We were very lucky to have Mrs Blackborow visit us this week to help us make clay tiles which will form part of a whole school mosaic.  This is to celebrate the 2022 Big Draw Festival theme, ‘Come Back to Colour’, a theme to help us rediscover and find joy in our world after what has been a challenging few years.

Mrs Blackborow encouraged us to think about all the colourful and beautiful things that there are in the world and try to capture these in the design of our tile.  From Jamaican beaches, to English gardens, from British wildlife to jungle animals, the boys had some fantastic ideas.  We learned different techniques for creating our designs in clay, including scoring clay to create pattern and texture, as well as using ‘slip’ to attach pieces of clay to the tile.

We’re looking forward to seeing what our tiles look like once they have been fired.  Once this is done, then we can glaze them.

Thank you to Mrs Blackborow for a really fun afternoon!

First week back

This week the boys have been exploring electricity in Science. They looked at mains and battery power. They sorted different objects according to their power supply.

In Maths we have worked on column subtraction without regrouping and word problems involving the operation of subtraction.

In History we learnt that the Ancient Egyptians introduced the first writing system. They used a series of symbols and signs called hieroglyphics. The boys explored writing their names in hieroglyphics!

Can you write a sentence or two using hieroglyphics at home? The symbols are on the sheet below.                   

In Art we looked at the artist Henri Matisse. He developed an individual style called ‘Drawing with Scissors.’ He found this easier that painting as he got older.

Below is a photo of all of the boy’s amazing takes of his style.

Remember to keep on learning your lines and the songs for our Christmas production.

Enjoy bonfire night but remember to stay safe.

Have a lovely weekend

Halloween and Half Term

The boys looked amazing in their spooky and scary costumes today. It brightened up a dreary and wet day for sure!

2OA did well in the judging of the pumpkin competition.

Andreas L won the best pumpkin and Emilio was a runner up. Well done boys. There was an amazing selection of pumpkins to view which we had a look at before going into the dining room for lunch!

We hope you have a wonderful half term



The boys absolutely loved both making and eating their sandwiches yesterday afternoon!

They followed their plans well and the finished sandwiches reflected their planning. They showed good spreading and cutting skills. The taking of turns to share the knives was very impressive.

It was great to see that some boys decided to add some extra salad to make it even healthier!

This morning they evaluated their sandwich thinking about what they found easy, what they would change next time and whether they enjoyed their sandwich. Most responses were that their sandwich was the best they had ever had!!!

Enjoy some photos below of this activity.

In Maths this week we have continued with column addition and crossing over 10’s. The carrying element was quite tricky and a skill we will continue to build on!

Our History lesson was chronologically ordering images of seaside holidays. The boys are bringing together all of the knowledge and information we have learnt over the half term.

Whilst in Geography we were comparing British beaches with a foreign beach. The boys were surprised at some of the images I showed them. There were beaches in Cornwall that looked like they could be abroad! The only clue was the colour difference in the sea!

Super seaside themed acrostic poems were written in English. Ask your son how an acrostic poem is set out. Can you write one? Can your son write one for the word sandwich?












It has been another busy but fun filled week.

Enjoy the weekend when it comes


Another busy week!

It was lovely to welcome parents into our classroom this week for the Open Afternoon. I hope you enjoyed looking through all the wonderful work that your son’s have produced in a relatively short time frame! The boys really enjoyed having you in and being the teacher, explaining what they have learnt.

The boys have been working on addition in Maths and did some great column addition today. They really enjoyed the work and showed a good understanding of place value.

In DT the boys excitedly planned their ‘sandwich’ that we will be making next week in class. When they were told it was real and that they could eat them excitement levels were high! This links into our Science work about healthy eating and exercise.

We continued to compare seaside holidays past and present using photographs and postcards as our evidence and our study on what Blackpool had to offer makes it a great seaside town to visit. The   Posters they made covered all the fabulous things there are to see and do.

In English we have worked on writing our own version of the “Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic Lunch.” The lunches written about sounded delicious.

Have a lovely weekend

This week

We have had another busy week!

In Science the boys explored the effect of exercise on their heart beats by carrying some exercises! Good fun was had by all.

In our Geography work the boys found and named the bodies of water surrounding the UK. They also identified the countries of the UK and even the capital cities!

History saw the boys exploring the impact that the steam train had on making seaside holidays popular in Victorian times.

The boys painted colourful beach huts on a canvas board which we then turned into a number line for their art activity.

In English they wrote a description of a character from book Where The Wild Things Are! Adjectives were the key to mailing them fierce and scary! The second piece of writing was persuading someone to spend a day at the seaside.

The boys enjoyed listening to the Year 8 boys pitch their speeches to determine the charities we support this year. The boys voted for their 3 favourite charities back in the classroom.

We explored rewards and sanctions in our PSHE lesson. The boys collaborated well.

Have a lovely weekend



This week

The boys have worked hard this week and we have squeezed 5 days into 4 !

In English they came up with their own amazing creative sea creatures! Some looked quite scary! We also explored using capital letters for proper puns. Ask your son to name 3 types of proper nouns that always start with a capital letter.

Place value, portioning and counting on and back were our maths focus. The boys used apparatus to explore these concepts.

In Science the boys created a healthy meal on a plate using collage materials. They looked so real!!!

Our Geography focus was physical and human features of a British seaside. Ask your son to name 3 of each type. Can they explain which are natural and which are man made?

In PSHE we explored Rights and Responsibilities. The boys worked in pairs to explore how they ranked the images on the set of given cards. It proved a lively discussion with most boys agreeing!

They have produced some lovely work to go on the walls ready for Open Morning. Seascapes, self portraits, plates of food and waving arms to list a few!

A good weeks work 2OA, well done.

First Full Week Back!

The boys have made a super start to Year 2.

They have come in independently and are settling down well.

This week they have been exploring what seaside holidays were like in the past. Do ask them how seaside holidays have changed over the years.

In Geography they have been identifying where seaside towns are. The boys have been using atlas’s to identify the coastline around the UK and plot where we find seaside towns. They have also been looking at what a key is used for with regards to map work.

The seaside and seaside holidays have influenced our English writing as well as our art work.

Please enjoy some photos of the boys enjoying some well deserved Golden Time this afternoon.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday on Monday